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We are a Family-owned Studio specializing in Fiction and Documentary Films. Please view the Gallery of our work. Learn more about our Studio in About Us section. You may Contact Us anytime.

Susan Boyle Sings in James Bond Goldfinge. A Reimagining by Edward Halitsky
Susan Boyle Sings in James Bond "Goldfinger"
Mad Drivers: Dash Cam Videos of Car Crashes and Road Rage. HD Compilation by Edward Halitsky
Mad Drivers
Dash Cam Videos of Car Crashes and Road Rage
Great Inspirational Quote by Omar Khayyam (Animation by Edward Halitsky)
Great Inspirational Quote by Omar Khayyam
Animation by Edward Halitsky
Fendero: Funny Bumper Sticker Quotes (Animation by Edward Halitsky)
Funny Bumper Sticker Quotes
About Us:
Steve Halitsky

Steve Halitsky
-- Researcher, Co-Writer and Featured Speaker.

Roxanne Halitsky

Roxanne Halitsky
(Mr. Halitsky's wife) -- Researcher and Host.

Edward Halitsky

Edward Halitsky
(Mr. and Mrs. Halitsky's son) -- Co-Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Film Editor, Light Technician, Web Designer, DVD Developer, Researcher and Special Effects Designer.

I (Steve) was born during WWII in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. We (Roxanne and Edward) are from Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1991, we escaped to United States as Soviet Political Refugees. Regrettably, we (Roxanne and Edward) could only speak two words in English ("Hello" and "Thank you"). But we studied hard and mastered the English Language. We self-taught our computer skills. In 1999, we became Naturalized U.S. Citizens. We are proud to be called Americans. We currently reside in Boston, MA. Let us Make America Great Again!

All of our films are independently-produced without any outside financing (Grants, Loans, Inheritance, etc.) We spent our hard-earned money to purchase video cameras, lights, computers and expensive software applications. We hope you enjoy our films!